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Nutritional And Environmental Medicine Conference 2023

Theme: Sustainable Health through Precision Medicine

8th July - 9>th July, 2023

Dr. Sreekumar

The Journey

Dr. A. Sreekumar is a Senior Consultant in ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon with more than 34 years of clinical practice and has been actively practicing Nutritional, Environmental & Cellular Medicine since 2001.

A Fellow of Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (FACNEM), Dr. Sreekumar has been honoured as Fellow SAAARM and was awarded the title by Hon’ble His Highness Sultan of Kelantan, King Muhammed Vth of Malaysia.

Dr. Sree's Journey

The Concept

Absence of disease is not health - Functional metabolic assessment is the first step towards wellness

Dr. Sree’s concept of wellness involve integrative, functional, metabolic and cellular health that is personalized scientific, evidence based, preventive, proactive and predictive.

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Dr. Sree's Wellness Speciality

Dr. Sree's Wellness Specialities are tailored to help create a healthier version of yourself from the inside out. Be it obeisity, cancer or bolstering your immunity, the techniques used here are sure to deliver!

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