The innovations are very unique in health care as the concentration is on metabolism. Metabolism is the overall product or effect of millions of intra-cellular biochemical reactions governed by hormonal system that is under the control of mind.


The Functional Wellness Clinic

Initial functional wellness assessment involves

  1. Unique Cellular Metabolic assessment & Physical examination (Functional Metabolic Monitoring Marking System)
  2. Functional investigations
  3. Epigenetic Analysis

Overall holistic assessment results in personalized metabolic report and functional geno-metabolic therapy. The therapy is personalized and designer made for the individual and not for the disease

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Functional Metabolic Therapy

Functional Cellular Medicine


Personalized Metabolic Therapy

Nano Medicine/Cellular Medicine

Integrative Medical Therapy


Ozone Therapy

Wellness Aesthetics

Wellness Fitness & Rehabilitation

Corporate Workplace Wellness

Public Health Programs

FWMS - Functional Wellness Medicine System

This is new method enables us to assess the health and wellbeing of a person in a personalized, proactive, cellular, geno-metabolic, therapy and monitored approach with the goal of improving their functional status.

The program is guided by different markers which will be graded for each of the above tests. With the help of Artificial Intelligence system, this allows us to monitor and improve the Functional Wellness of the individual.