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The Soukhya Training and Research Institute, with the goal of imparting awareness, training & education in the field of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, was brought into fruition after a soft launch in the year 2010 by Dr. A. Sreekumar acting as the Chairman.

Soukhya has pioneered in introducing courses, training programs, and national and international conferences in the domain of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to Doctors & graduates from all medical and allied fields, both from India and overseas.

The Institute focuses on best patient care by equipping doctors with the latest developments in integrating nutritional and environmental medicine with other medical systems to provide high quality patient care with regards to health rather than just disease cure. Soukhya introduced a tailor-made training program in 2012, which was the first of its kind in India and since then, it has gained a attention of a global scale from doctors and graduates alike.

FINEM is designed to guarantee gaining a top-level insight, expertise, and credibility as you pursue your career in Nutritional or Integrative Medicine. The course helps you gain knowledge and confidence in helping patients achieve a 4-Dimensional (Physical, Mental, Spiritual and emotional/holistic) aspect of health.

Nutritonal Food and Herbs

FINEM Online Course

An online variation of the Fellowship In Nutritional & Environmental Medicine is also available for access. This includes 60 hours of online lessons, spread across a duration of 10 months.

For more information, contact +91 9746870888 or drop us an email from the contact page.

Certification on Functional Wellness & Nutrition

Soukhya Foundation is the pioneer in India offering Fellowship training in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine to medical professionals, nutritionists, applied science professionals since 2010. Apart from this, public wellness seminars, webinars, and various other public health initiatives.

We are happy to announce this new online educative program for those interested in improving their own health or promoting this to general population for better health outcome. This is the basic foundation course of functional wellness and nutrition.

The health & wellness, nutrition & physical fitness is the absolute necessity of modern life and so are the opportunities for people dedicated to health & wellness professionals. The course is designed to be a catalyst for offering healthier life style support in the most scientific and evidence-based health care.

For more information, contact +91 9746870888 or drop us an email from the contact page.


Addon course, Bharat Mata College, Ernakulam

An individual’s lifestyle can have a significant influence over their physical and mental wellbeing. In the modern world, more and more people are found to be extremely (and easily) stressful and thus fail to tackle the problems they face with the right set of emotions. The need of the hour is to shape and lead a proper lifestyle that can promote success in all walks of life.

The Health & Wellness Course, an addon course brought into fruition with our association with Bharat Mata College, Ernakulam, aims at educating and empowering students to achieve sustainable health and wellbeing with an ultimate aim to have our students pass on their knowledge to their fellow human beings in this fast and ever-growing world.

Bharat Mata College, Ernakulam